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One of the most beloved deities in Hinduism, this hand carved stone Ganesha is a striking representation of the elephant god. Ganesha symbolises protection and the removal of obstacles from one’s path. His tusks represent intelligence and wisdom, while being a symbol of luck and success in all endeavours.


Handcrafted by Indonesian artists, this sculpture is carved from Basanite, a volcanic stone from central Java. Basanite is a blend of different coloured rock types and each piece is unique. The artist sculpts from the full stone resulting in unique ornaments where no two statues are the same.


This statue is made of natural stone and is frost resistant, but do not stand in water as this can lead to flaking.


Being solid stone, collection is preferred for this item, though a courier can be arranged upon purchase.


Dimensions: 20 cm L x 40 cm W x 70 H

Talliston Country of Origin: Asia

Carved Stone Ganesha Statue



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